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"We provide top of the line B2B - EDI, SAP and Application

development services coupled with 24 X 7 global support"


Our cost effective right shore model and deep domain expertise has enabled us to repeatedly deliver projects on time and on budget

Enterprise Application Integration

  • 20 plus years of experience in B2B, EDI-Integration, and Managed File Transfer

  • Deep expertise in Automotive, Insurance, and Health care domains

  • Support EDI integration with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, QAD (MFGPRO), MacPac, Mainframe, etc

  • End-to-end project consulting services, complete B2B & EDI-Integration projects include design, mapping, integration to ERPs, testing, UAT, launch, and support activities

  • Our 365 X 24 X 7 support team provides efficient run-time services to manage your EDI activities across regions

  • In-depth competencies in SEEBURGER, Sterling Commerce GIS - Gentran, GXS - OpenText EDI middlewares

  • Extensive knowledge of EDI standards, including EDIFACT, ANSI-X12, ODETTE, VDA, XML, JSON, etc

  • Experience in handling VAN, AS2, and OFTP2. SFTP, FTP communication protocols, API integration, and management services

  • Provide WEB EDI services and can assist in EDI Integration activities for company mergers and acquisitions​​


  • Trusted Seeburger partner

  • 12 plus years of experience working with Seeburger EDI products. Worked on WinElke, BIS5, and BIS6 including the latest cloud versions (BIS iPaaS environment)     

  • Successfully completed 20-plus strategic Seeburger projects for large Automotive companies – including EDI translator migration to Seeburger, Seeburger BIS upgrades, ERP migration projects, etc

  • Launched 80-plus tactical Seeburger projects across multiple organizations, including communication migrations, customer launches on EDI, plant launches on EDI, etc

       Success Stories


SAP Services

  • 20 plus years of experience in SAP implementation and support activities

  • Extensive experience in the Automotive, Hi-Tech, Utilities, and Healthcare verticals

  • Capabilities to deploy full-scale SAP implementation or specific functionality within SAP

  • Wide range of competencies in SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 HANA


       Success Stories

Application Development Services

  • Undertake complete turnkey projects that include concept, design, development, testing, launch, and support activities

  • Our applications are easily scalable, robust, hosted in a secured environment, and provide an efficient tracking system, and excellent 24/7 support

  • Expertise in designing and developing hybrid and native apps

  • Established global footprint and supported 200+ locations

  • Ten plus years of in-depth experience in the following:

    • Frontend technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular

    • Backend technologies: C#, Dot Net, PHP, Python

    • Databases: SQL, MongoDB

    • Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

    • Mobile Technologies: iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Ionic


       Success Stories


Enterprise Application Integration - Success Stories

Tier 1 Auto Supplier
EDI - GIS & GENTRAN migration to Seeburger BIS 6.7 (iPaaS)

  • Scope included migrating 66 plants (globally), 2500+ transactions, 130+ customers, 450+ vendors, 5 brokers, 4 EDI applications, 12 EDI supporting applications

  • Responsible for blueprinting, design, development, testing, launch, and hyper care

  • Designed, developed, tested, and launched over 1350 EDI maps (programs). This included logistics and financial transactions across multiple standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, IDocs, XMLs, Inhouse, CSV, JSON, etc

  • Delivered on time and on-budget with minimal disruption to the business. Accomplished standardization of transactions, consolidation of EDI maps, and elimination of complex legacy processes

  • Business transaction worth $3 billion is being transacted on the new EDI system

Tier 1 Auto Supplier
EDI – Seeburger BIS5 & BIS6 upgrade to Seeburger BIS 6.7 (iPaaS)

  • Scope included migrating 110 Plants (globally), 310+ Customers, 250+ Vendors, and 3500+ Transactions across multiple EDI standards

  • Responsible for blueprinting, design, development, testing, launch, and hyper-care of 2000+ EDI maps (programs)

  • Delivered on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the business. Business transactions worth $4 billion are being transacted on the new upgraded EDI system.

  • Delivered on time and on budget, accomplished map consolidation across ERP systems and regions leading to huge savings in run time services.

Tier 1 Auto Supplier
EDI - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Successfully migrated and integrated EDI system from an acquired company, scope included migrating and integrating 15 Plants and 60+ Partners

  • End-to-end responsibility for delivering 170+ mappings across multiple EDI standards

  • Accomplishment includes successfully migrating $600 million worth of EDI operations and transactions from Axway to Seeburger, setting a clear roadmap for future strategic growth    

Tier 1 Auto Supplier
Large Plant SAP implementation – EDI Migration

  • Seamlessly migrated and implemented 150+ mappings for 55+ Customers from mainframe-based legacy system to SAP

  • Responsibility included complete design, development, testing, launch, and hyper-care activities both on the EDI and the SAP systems.

  • Accomplishments included simplifying complex OTC processes and efficiently integrating EDI

SAP Services - Success Stories

Tier 1 Auto Supplier

  • Successfully worked on multiple complex implementations, including manufacturing plants and distribution centers (aftermarket) across the globe

  • Responsible for logistic values chain configuration, EDI, ABAP programming, testing, launch, and hype care activities

  • Additionally designed, configured, and developed a complex rule-based scheduling and order management system in SAP

Hi Tech Manufacturer

  • Strategic SAP implementation partner in this fast-paced implementation

  • Responsible for logistic value chain design, configuration, testing, launch, and hype care activities

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

  • Strategic SAP support partner catering to logistics, finance, and technical functions

  • Provide run time services for multiple years, responsible for daily SAP operations, closing tickets for incidents, and timely completion of new work requests

Application Development Services - Success Stories


  • Designed and developed an efficient Electronic Pool and Distribution application. This application enabled seamless inbound, outbound, store scans, and palletization activities at distribution centers and stores

  • Integrated mobile applications for scanning and EDI for the exchange of transaction data


  • Successfully enabled pool distribution system onto mobile devices, eliminate expensive scanners, and replaced this by an I-phone with an adapter

  • Delivered drug destruction data collection system on Mobile devices and integrated it to backend databases for real-time federal reporting

Financial Charting App

  • Successfully completed advanced financial charting programs to interface with leading charting portals

  • Designed and developed optimized-charting indicators for S&P 500 stocks

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