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"U.SCAN automation and analytics solution provides actionable intelligence to enhance your organization's performance”


Automate data collection from multiple portals and data scraping
Increase productivity with efficient use of resources

  • Automate data collection from customer portals including Scorecards, Supply-Chain data, Certificates, Warranty claims, Complaints, and Specification data

  • Captured data is stored in a highly secured environment and encrypted in transit and at rest

  • One-stop customer data cockpit for easy accessibility

  • Provides smart alerts and notifications for customer data changes


Provides actionable intelligence and insights to meet enterprise goals
Enables real-time interactive access, analysis, and reporting of critical customer data

  • Provides configurable and customizable charts, reports, and dashboards

  • Highly interactive dashboards provide extensive insights into customer key metrics enabling qualified decisions

  • Single platform to monitor Voice of Customers across the global regions and locations

  • Early warning predictive analytics to mitigate potential future risks and pitfalls



Realtime data exchange with internal Enterprise systems

Quick data accessebility for Enterprise BI applications

  • Deep integration with different Enterprise BI applications like PowerBI, Tableau, and many others

  • Data exchange via a highly secured environment

  • Easy accessibility of data across the Enterprise

Workflow Management 

Configurable workflows and action management to drive improvement in performance metrics
Easily compare, manage and track the specification changes.

  • An accurate comparison of multiple versions of IATF customer-specific requirements(CSR), Engineering specifications, and other documents

  •  Enables to identify, track, close and audit the new and changed customer requirements.

  • Configurable action management enables the approval process across the organization

  • Assign Activities and status tracking from external partners

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